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When it comes to making sure your home is safe and update most people focus on the electric and the plumbing. This is great, but Cedar Rapids Roofing experts say you cant forget about the thing that protects you the most and that is the first lines of defense which would be your roof! We know its not the most exciting thing and it may be hard to justify, but if you truly want a safe home, you should start at the top. Here are a few things to consider when making sure your roof is safe.

A roof that has 1 missing shingle is considered damaged...
You may be thinking how can 1 missing shingle cause my roof to be damaged. Well, it almost falls in line with the phrase 1 bad apple spoils the bunch. Meaning, that 1 missing shingle if not addressed soon WILL lead to a lot more damage and eventually a whole new roof. Missing shingles dont normally stray too far from your roof unless there is a major wind storm, so you can periodically look around your house and see if you find any shingles on your lawn.

If your roof is 10 years or older, it could already have roof damage
There are some things that get better with age, but your roof is not one of them. Your roof has to go through a lot and yes, it is built to endure it, BUT there are somethings that will gradually wear it down over time. For instance, tree branches might not cause a major hole but can dent and loosen your shingles. The same can be said for Hail damage. This is a bit harder to diagnose, but if your roof has gone through quarter-sized hail, your roof WILL most likely be damaged. Not like the large hole in your roof kind of damage, but damage that will cause your roofto age faster than it should

How do I know if i have roof damage?
The best way to know without a doubt is to get a roof inspection. Aside from that, there are couple things you can do. Monitor your energy bills. If you see some higher heating bills it could be that your heating system is working harder to maintain the temperature due to heat escaping from the roof. Last but not least, if you see water leaking from the roof or your walls you need to call us immediately!

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