Seasonal Gutter Maintenance Tips from Your Local Iowa City Roofer

Water damage may be avoided by just maintaining your gutters.

One of the most important components of a house is the gutter system, which moves water from the roof and away from the foundation. Make sure your gutter system is ready for the weather changes in spring to avoid serious water damage. As a local Iowa City roofer, we’ll provide you with some pointers on … Read more

Ask a Marion Roofer: How Much Is a New Roof?

Is your newly built home ready for a roof installation from a Marion roofer?

How is it possible for bids from one Marion roofer to differ by thousands of dollars? What is the best way for homeowners to estimate the cost of a new roof? There are various factors that go into determining a specific monetary amount in a roofing bid. The top four factors that might affect the … Read more

Marion Roofing and Siding Combinations

Your house is a work of art, and you’re the artist behind the curtain. Homeowners have never had so many options for personalizing their properties. New technology and trends have given rise to daring and intriguing color choices for your home’s exterior. The addition of new Marion roofing and siding to your home’s exterior may significantly improve its … Read more

It is Simple to Choose a New Roof for Your Home

Local | Certified | Marion Roofing Experts Wood shake or slate clay roofs were the traditional style of roofing until a few years ago. These were really robust, and the end result was aristocratic and magnificent. But, in response to the demands of the times, technology has progressed, and the focus is now on manufacturing … Read more

Iowa City Roof repair Tips

Is your roof damaged and in need of repairs? Iowa City roofers know that the longer you wait, the worse it will get. Our business’s mission is to ensure superior quality craftsmanship on every roof we work on, which is why we use top-grade GAF shingles and employ trained professionals for every job site. We measure up … Read more

Asphalt Shingles; Fiberglass vs. Organic

There are two main types of asphalt shingles that your local Coralville roofing contractor works with: Fiberglass mat-based and organic mat-based asphalt shingles. Fiberglass shingles are thinner and lighter than organic shingles, as they are made from lightweight fiberglass. Take note that a bundle of asphalt shingles can weigh between 70 and 140 pounds, and there are … Read more

Iowa City Roofing; Open And Closed Roof Valleys

Have you ever heard the term “roof Valley” before? You may or may not be familiar with it, but every homeowner should know what it is. As a local Iowa City roofing contractor that provides dependable services in Johnson County and the surrounding areas, we are going to give a brief rundown today. The valley of a … Read more