Fall Home Maintenance To Protect Your Roofing System

As the comforting warmth of summer wanes and cooler temperatures of fall arrive, it is the best time of the year to have your roof inspected with an Iowa City Roof Repair pro. After all, winter will be arriving before you know it! Let us examine some fall roofing maintenance advice that will ensure your rooftop is prepared for the worst.

Yard & Gutter Cleaning –

As the trees shed their leaves cleaning your drains ends up basic. This incorporates the expulsion of any current twigs, soil, and other miscellaneous debris that may have developed since your last cleaning. Ensure all drainage areas and downspouts are unblocked by leaves, pine needles, or any other debris. Try not to attempt to expel the excess debris with a water hose as it might cause downspouts to obstruct and block the gutter system.

Monitor Your Roof –

Using a stepping stool and reliable security devices, investigate your rooftops present state and make note of any splitting shingles or broken rooftop tiles. Make certain to contact an Iowa City roofer to review and complete any necessary repairs.

Trim Your Trees –

During the fall most trees begin to discard their leaves as well as shed their dead limbs, branches, and twigs. During the months where the climate becomes colder and powerful winds rip through your neighborhood, any looming appendages and branches can fall and hurt your roof. Removing them before winter arrives will help to prevent any future harm and mishaps that could happen.


By combining these necessary maintenance duties and having a licensed, insured, and certified Iowa City roofing company, your roof will be qualified to fight the good fight for your home for another winter. If you would like some more information about our roofing, exterior, and construction services feel free to contact us.