Iowa City Roofing; Open And Closed Roof Valleys

Have you ever heard the term “roof Valley” before? You may or may not be familiar with it, but every homeowner should know what it is. As a local Iowa City roofing contractor that provides dependable services in Johnson County and the surrounding areas, we are going to give a brief rundown today. The valley of a roof is where two connecting slopes intersect to form a V-shaped angle. There are two types of roof valleys when it comes to roofing, open and closed.

Open Valley

An open valley is when there is a sheet of metal attached to the deck of the roof valley with overlapping shingles that leaves the metal seam visible. When an open valley is accurately installed, it should last for a considerable amount of time. Open valleys are preferred because they discard ice and water promptly with their smooth metal surface. In the event that your roof is leaking at the valley, an open valley is much easier to access and repair than a closed valley. To make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the metal is usually painted to enhance the color of the roof shingles.

Closed Valley

The other common type of valley on a house is a closed valley. These types of valleys are easier to install and most homeowners prefer the looks of them too. Even though they are cheaper to have a local Iowa City roof repair and replacement service to install than an open valley, they are not as effective when it comes to the elimination of ice and water. Slowly draining water can cause excessive wear and tear on the shingles, making them more susceptible to premature failure in this area of a roof.


The more a homeowner knows about their roof, the better. When was the last time you had a professional roof inspection? Find out how much longer your roof is going to last and schedule a free estimate with us today!