Iowa City Roof Repair; How Hail Damages Your Roof Shingles

According to the national weather service, most of the hail storms we get only last for five minutes, but in that time a lot of damage can be done! Billions of dollars each year are spent on hail damage roofing claims. When hail strikes, it can cause serious damage to your roofing, siding, and gutters, so it is really important to get an inspection with a local Iowa City roofing contractor after every severe hailstorm to check for damages.

A lot of times hail damaged shingles are not even seen by the untrained eye and many homeowners overlook it as a dirty roof. Surface indentations will result where hailstones have struck the asphalt shingles, destroying the protective granular coating that makes it resistant to moisture and other elements. When these storm-damaged shingles are not repaired it will cause the shingle to deteriorate faster and in many cases, the homeowner will have to replace their roof sooner than its intended lifespan.

Depending on the amount of damage, filing an insurance claim may be the route to go to get the needed repairs

Large hailstones can strike a shingle hard enough to expose its fiberglass matting. This can eventually cause the shingle to split and crack, leaving it more susceptible to water damage and leaks. If the integrity of the seal is compromised then a shingle is more prone to blow-off the next time it is hit with heavy wind. Unrepaired hail damage is only going to get more serious the longer it is ignored. Regular inspections from an Iowa City roofer will help homeowners avoid further expensive repair projects on your home that result from a bad roof. If you think your roof may have storm damage or you are not sure how old it is, contact Deneve Construction today.

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