A Local Cedar Rapids Roofer Exposes Roof Repair Scams


Drastic weather developments are producing damage to homes and businesses across Iowa, and with it, a startling rate of con-artists can pose as a Cedar Rapids Roof Repair contractor. Their objective is to reach you off guard and do a quickcash grab on you, but they can’t succeed if you how to spot them.

Always be cautious of anyone who shows up at your door uninvited and is offering a service. Sadly, even if you have a camera system installed at your front door there is no verification system built into it, BUT, you should take comparable precautions. More often than not if a person is knocking on your door out of the blue, it’s a bad sign. Particularly in this case! Cedar Rapids roofing professionals don’t work with directly with insurance companies. Agents will have their own claims experts come out and decide if there are damages, and whether they were caused by a stormor perhaps a maintenance issue that was neglected.

Nowadays there are plenty of sources where you can check to check on the credibility of the business that you’re considering to hire. A quick search on google should provide you with almost everything about the companies operational practices, experience, certifications, BBB results, local reviews, and more. In the event that they show up at your doorstep claiming to be a Cedar Rapids Roofing Contractor but they are NOT on the internet in theyear 2019, we recommend that you respectfully say no thank-you and shut the door! The State Insurance Commissioner’s office advises to never fully commit to anything until you have already spoken with your agent or claims adjuster.

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