How Hail Does Damage to Your Roof and Shingles

According to the national weather service most hail storms only last 5 minutes long but produce damages of up to a billion dollars a year. When hail strikes it can harm your roof and other personal property so it’s very important to schedule an inspection with your Coralville Roofing Contractor after every storm to inspect for damages. Often timesthe types of damage created from a hail storm will include:

  • Granular loss where impact occurs, which will usually be marked by a surface indentation. This can lead to faster aging of the shingle.

  • Cracks in the granule asphalt surface will sometimes spread outward from the initial point of impact. Cracks may occur if strong winds blew back the shingles.

  • Exposed fiberglass mat in areas where hail may have destroyed the granule asphalt surface can cause it to separate from the fiberglass mat.

  • Damage to the self-seal adhesive strip. Again this may not be visible and if the integrity of the seal is compromised your shingles are more prone to blow off with strong winds.

Unrepaired hail damages are only going to get worse the longer you wait, scheduling an appointment with a Coralville Roof Repair professional will help you avoid even more preventable expensive repairs. If you think your roof may have storm damage don’t wait, call us or use our contact form today!