The GAF Lifetime Roofing System

When the time arrives to replace an aging or damaged roof with an Iowa City Roofing Contractor, there are several options to take based on different factors unique to each homeowner. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time, a GAF roofing system is among the most trusted and dependable for excellent … Read more

Your Go-To Roofing Contractor

As a Iowa City Roofing professional, we are committed to giving our customers a service they can trust. Deneve Construction was built on a solid base of trust and loyalty, making certain that every one of our clients is well taken care of during any roofing or roof repair project. We take a customer-oriented procedure to both … Read more

Roofing Shingles 101

If you are considering replacing your aging or damaged roof then you are probably considering what kind of roof to invest in. With so many options and different price points, it can seem a bit baffling. As an Iowa City Roofer, we think it is best to get familiarized with the different roofing systems that are … Read more

Spotting Roof Damage After Heavy Winds

As an Iowa City Roofer, we know that heavy winds can really do a number to your roof! Propelling debris such as tree branches, gravel, rocks, and even shards of glass can often be more destructive than the wind itself. When examining your roof following a heavy wind event, look for what may have flung onto … Read more

Preventing Ice Dams with an Iowa City Roofer

Preventing Ice Dams with an Iowa City Roofer Ice dams usually form on sloped roofs in climates with freezing and sub-zero temperatures. When the temperatures in your attic are above freezing, it makes the snow on your roof start to melt and run down the sloped roof. When the snowmelt flows down and unites with … Read more

A Local Cedar Rapids Roofer Exposes Roof Repair Scams

DON’T GET SCAMMED BY A CEDAR RAPIDS ROOFING CON-ARTIST!! Drastic weather developments are producing damage to homes and businesses across Iowa, and with it, a startling rate of con-artists can pose as a Cedar Rapids Roof Repair contractor. Their objective is to reach you off guard and do a quickcash grab on you, but they can’t succeed … Read more

How Hail Does Damage to Your Roof and Shingles

According to the national weather service most hail storms only last 5 minutes long but produce damages of up to a billion dollars a year. When hail strikes it can harm your roof and other personal property so it’s very important to schedule an inspection with your Coralville Roofing Contractor after every storm to inspect for damages. … Read more

Fall is Gutter Cleaning Season!!

Fall is the ideal time to schedule a gutter tune-up and general roof inspection with your local Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Roofing Contractor. Did you know that one-inch of rainfall equals hundreds of gallons of water that must be diverted off a roof and away from a building? We typically receive 30-40 inches of rain … Read more