Time to Replace Your Gutters? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t DIY.

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DIY projects are a fabulous way to save money and get the gratification of making repairs or renovations to your home. However, there are some DIY projects that you are better off hiring an Iowa City Roofing Contractor for, such as your gutters. Here are 6 solid reasons why:

It Can Be Hazardous

The higher you go, the bigger the consequence will be when if you fall to the ground. Even for an experienced veteran, falls from ladders make up almost one-third of all fall fatalities! It is absolutely not worth the hospital trip, the expensive bills that follow, or your life.

It Looks Easier Than It Really Is

Climbing up on a ladder and removing the debris from the gutters is nothing compared to repairing or installing a gutter. Fixing gutters on an angle to make sure runoff moves in the right direction takes an experienced professional to get it right. Once you are up on the ladder you have no idea what can happen. Mold, insects, and even rodents may be building a home in your gutters. What it all comes down to is gutter repair is not as easy as it looks, so do not hesitate to call an Iowa City Roof Repair tech.

DIY Won’t Save You Money

DIY does NOT equal saving money. First, you’ll need some specialized tools you might not have laying around the garage. And without the right experience and technical know-how, you’ll likely have to make multiple trips to the neighborhood hardware store to purchase different materials: gutters, downspouts, hangers, clips, hoses, etc. If a part doesn’t work—you’re out the cost of that, plus a replacement. What appeared to be an economical project could exceed what it would have cost to contract a professional.

Genuine Quality

All gutters that are purchased at a store will come in segments, so you’re going to have seams. Eventually, these seams will begin to sag and leak when they’re repeatedly loaded up with rain and debris over time. The ONLY guttering system that won’t do this is seamless gutters, which are custom made to cover the entire length of a house. The materials we build them with at Deneve Construction are the best that money can buy—you won’t find them at a big box store.

Transporting Gutters Is Demanding

Gutters can quickly buckle during transportation and installation, regardless if you drive a big truck or SUV. Instead of dealing with all the hassle, why not let us bring it all right to your doorstep? We have our own gutter installation trucks that will create your seamless gutters on-site.

Guarantees Are Not Included With a DIY Project

Don’t forget—DIY projects don’t come with warranties. If there are installation errors, you could be repairing them in the middle of winter. Likewise, if you install them correctly, you could still be spending hundreds of dollars in the future if something breaks. We appreciate the value of a dollar, which is why we guarantee our work (call for specific warranty details).

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