Marion Roofing and Siding Combinations

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Your house is a work of art, and you’re the artist behind the curtain. Homeowners have never had so many options for personalizing their properties. New technology and trends have given rise to daring and intriguing color choices for your home’s exterior. 

The addition of new Marion roofing and siding to your home’s exterior can significantly improve its curb appeal. With these five unique shingle and siding choices, your home will stand out in the best manner imaginable:

Cool Blue with Slate Gray

Slate gray roof shingles and stunning cold blue siding are a timeless combination. This couple is cool, calm, and composed, pulling attention away from the curb in all the right ways. A light or medium gray colored roof is the ideal complement to cooler siding color schemes. The two mix without blending into each other. This combination works well in settings that include natural stone or other elements that contribute to the “cool mood” of grays, neutrals, mild greens, and blues.

Eggshell White with Brown

A brown roof with white or off-white cladding is a timeless combination that looks especially good with red stone bricks and brown architectural details. To achieve this simple and beautiful design for your home, choose dark brown shingles and white or creamy off-white siding. Frequent cleanings with a professional will keep the white siding looking new and fresh. With the right brand and proper installation, vinyl siding requires less upkeep than painted wood!

Brick Red with Dark Gray

Choose a dark gray roof and brick red cladding for a traditional, but stunning combination. If you want to make a statement on your street, consider combining red or crimson siding with heather gray shingles for a crisp, elegant aesthetic with a pleasing contrast. Using contrasting shingles and siding is a simple method to add excitement to the look of your home.

Grays with Cool Greens

Who said all the shingles on your roof had to be the same color? Deneve Construction allows you to select complementing shingles—we like using gray-scale hues for a completely distinctive look. Combine this shingle choice with a cool, light green siding color to create a peaceful atmosphere. This color scheme complements gray stone buildings and green landscapes as well.

Soft Yellow with Gray

With pastel yellow siding, you may send the message that you are gentle, welcoming, and sunny. People who wish to stick out without being overly dramatic often choose yellow. Choose a contrasting shingle shade like brown or dark gray to complement the pale yellow siding. Because yellow is a warm color, it works well with other warm colors on your roof. Staying within the same hue family will help create a cohesive design.