Tips To Avoid Costly Roofing Repairs

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Your roofing plays an important role in defending your home, family, business, employees and guests, just to name a few. Even the small issues like a few missing shingles, damaged flashing, inferior materials or defective installation can easily cause water damage in your home. The solution is to have a top-rated GAF Certified Iowa City roofer like the friendly local experts at Deneve Construction in your contact list of contractors.

To avoid dropping your hard-earned money on high-priced repairs and ensure that your roof endures the test of time and Mother Nature—make sure you choose a premier Iowa City roofing company so it is done accurately the very first time!!!

Picking the Right Materials

There are a ton of different roofing materials and variations to choose from—and it can quickly get overwhelming trying to decide which is right for your home. The characteristics of your roof, the angle of the slope, and other factors will all help you decide what kind of roofing material will look and perform the best.

In any case, don’t make the choice based solely on the cost. Too many home and business owners regret sacrificing quality for cost on roofing materials because at the end of the day a roof replacement is still an expensive home renovation project—and choosing an inferior product can mean more repairs (or even total replacement) down the line. It’s worth getting the opinion of a qualified and reputable Iowa City roofing contractor. They can help you narrow your options and pick something that checks all the boxes AND that fits in your budget.


The underlayment is a waterproof barrier that sits beneath the roof shingles on critical areas like the valleys and edges of the roof. It functions as a secondary layer of protection for the roof decking by permitting any built-up moisture inside of your home to be released while enabling the wood decking to breathe similar to how waterproof fabrics work. Unlike the conventional felt underlayment that was used for countless decades,  synthetic underlayment helps with ventilation and provides outstanding waterproof capabilities.


Also an integral part of your roof, flashing is a weather-resistant barrier system placed in valley areas, vents, chimney, and skylights. Due to the intense heat from the sun, high winds, and a large amount of water flow, it’s typically where water leaks are found.

Shoddy installation, subpar materials, and corner-cutting is a formula for disaster. So, choose your Iowa City roofer with care!